Category: KTET Category-3 Natural science

KTET Category-3 Natural science | Algae

Algae Believed to be the best photosynthetic eukaryotes, algae are found in water and form a group of protists that are of great biological importance to humans. Algae lack true stem, roots and leaves and therefore, are given...

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KTET Category-3 Natural science | Viruses

Viruses Viruses are the smallest living organisms, but without a cellular structure. They have a simple structure, consisting of a small piece of nucleic acid, either DNA or RNA, surrounded by a protein or lipoprotein coat. They...

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KTET Category-3 Natural science | Bacteria

Bacteria Having appeared about 3,500 million years ago, bacteria are one of the oldest and smallest group of organisms with cellular length ranging from 0.1 to 10 um and possessing an average diameter of about 1 lum. Found in...

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