• Bacteria are the sole members of the Kingdom Monera. They are the most descriptions. They help in correct identification.
  • Flora contains the actual account of habitat and distribution of plants of given area. These provide the index to the plant species found in particular area.
  • Manuals are useful in providing information for identification of names of species found in an area. Monographs contain information on any one taxon.
  • Linnaeus’ classifies Two Kingdom system of classification with Plantae and Animalia kingdoms was developed that included all plants and animals.
  • They also live in extreme habitats such as hot springs, deserts, snow and deep oceans where very few other life forms can survive. Many of them live in or on other organisms as Parasites.
  • Bacteria are grouped under four categories based on their shape: the spherical Coccus, the rod-shaped Bacillus, the comma-shaped Vibrium and the spiral Spirillum.
  • Some of the bacteria are autotrophic, i.e., they synthesis their own food from inorganic substrates.
  • They may be photosynthetic autotrophic or chemosynthetic autotrophic.