1. Formation of seeds without fertilization is called :


2. T.O. Diener discovered:


3. Scutellum is a:


4. A dry indehiscent fruit is:


5. Choose the correct statement regarding halophiles:


6. Choose the option that does not come under “The Evil Quartet”:


7. Choose the statement which is not true about gel electrophoresis :


8. The gaps between two adjacent myelin sheaths are called


9. What gives us a detailed account of the subject content to be transacted and the skills, knowledge and attitudes which are to be deliberately fostered together with subject specific objectives?


10. The main function main function of NCERT is an  extension work with  State Education Departments centering around improvement of:


11. Which situation is suitable for using lecture method ?


12. Who is considered as the father of Cognitive Constructivism?


13. Who is the founder of Dalton Method ?


14. An approach of curriculum organisation where a continuous and unbroken learning of the subject matter through various levels of education is ensured:


15. “A whole hearted purposeful activity proceeding in a social environment”:


16. Versatile ICT enabled resource for students is:


17. Test which measures pupil’s attainments and progression in a specific subject or topic over a set period of time.


18. According to McCormack and Yager’s taxonomy, collection and compilation of data comes under:


19. Science-A process approach or SAPA is an outcome of:


20. Inquiry based learning approach begins with:


21. Who developed Taxonomy of Science Education ?


22. Year in which NCERT was established ?


23. Which domain involves visualizing and formulating experiments, designing instruments and machines, relating objects and concepts in new ways ?


24. Which of the following is an example of a kinesthetic approach to reading ?


25. Which agency published NCF 2005 ?


26. Which is NOT a part of Pedagogical Analysis ?


27. Mode of grading where grades are given based on predetermined cut off levels is:


28. An integrated process skill in science :


29. What helps a teacher to adopt effective instructional aids and strategies in teaching learning process?


30. Among the following statements which one comes under Four Pillars of education ?


31. Skills essential to learn and understand scientific information:


32. IT@school was formed in :


33. A teaching outline of the important points of a lesson arranged in the order in which they are to be presented ?


34. Which is the advisory body for the Central and State Governments on all matters pertaining to teacher education ?


35. One among the following is NOT in the six different validities of a good science curriculum as envisaged by NCF 2005.


36. Which is NOT a part of the Curriculum?


37. Which among the following will come under the Principles of Curriculum Construction ?