There are many factors that affect the educational process. However five factors are very important. They are the learner, the teacher, the learning experiences, the learning process and the learning environment.

1.The Learner:

Not all learners learn similarly and produce the same results. Every learner possesses unique characteristics with regards to innate abilities and capabilities, psychology of personality, overt and covert behavior and the process of growth and development.

2.The teacher:

Teachers are different in their personality traits, interests, aptitudes, teaching experience etc. Teacher shall play his or her role properly. Teachers also affected by their conflicts, anxiety, adjustment problem, low interest, weak aptitude, lack of motivation etc.

3.The learning process:

Learner shall follow appropriate strategy in line with his capacity. Principles and theories of learning, memory, forgetting, thinking, reasoning, problem solving etc are to be considered in developing learning strategies.

4.The learning experience:

Learning experience shall match with the stages of growth and development. Similar learning experience will not work in all the development stages. Psychology proposes the required learning experience – say for example more visual experience during pre-operational stage etc – at every stages of cognitive development.

5.The learning environment:  

Learning environment is very important which enhances the learning process and learning experience. Classroom climate, group dynamics, teaching methods, techniques and aids, evaluation techniques, guidance and counselling etc will help to make the teaching-learning process smooth functioning.

The educational psychology considers all the above matter in a systematic way so that the process of education will cater for the overall development of the learner socially, emotionally, intellectually as well as academically. The main function of the educational psychology is to help teachers understand the theoretical and functional nature of educational process of revealed by scientific research.