1. Naturally occurring response in learning theory is called :


2. Kohlberg proposed a stage theory of :


3. Who is known as the father of Inclusive Education ?


4. Lekshmi complains when her tall thin glass of juice is poured into a short but wider glass. She tells her father that she now has less juice. Lekshmi has not yet grasped the principle of :


5. Select the personality traits put forwarded by Allport:


6. The theorist associated with Concept Attainment Model is :


7. Sruthi is an 8th standard student, she has very high achievement scores high in all subjects except mathematics. She has some particular difficulty in doing addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, here we can assume that she is having


8. Select the most suitable technique to deal with dyscalculia :


9. The name William Stern is closely associated with:


10. Teacher uses Projective test for revealing the :


11. Heuristics are:


12. Triple Track Plan is programme designed for:


13. Writing the learner’s response on the chalk board is a sub skill of:


14. Select the correct combination related to Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE):


15. Select the fourth stage in Gagne’s hierarchy of learning :


16. Expand IEDC:


17. Piaget used the term “Schemata” to refer to the cognitive structures underlying organized patterns of:


18. When was KCF formed?


19. Select the term used by Albert Bandura to refer to the overall process of social learning


20. Before the athletic race, John says to his coach “I know I can do well in this race.” This is the example for John’s :