1. NCF 2005 proposes the evaluation system should be based on :


2. Which answer best describes creative thinking?


3. Inductive Reasoning


4. You look at a picture for several seconds, and then close your eyes tightly. You attempted to visualize the picture of that you viewed, here you tried to utilize the visual sensory memory which is named as :


5. The MMPI is used to assess :


6. The best remedy of the student’s problems related to learning is :


7. In Erikson’s model, the key challenge of young adulthood is :


8. Choose the most appropriate combination from the list for “Teacher maturity” :


9. Which of the following is not a gestalt principle ?


10. According to Freud, the structure of psyche are:


11. According to Thurston how many primary mental abilities are there?


12. Choose the correct one for ECCE:


13. Anitha is friendly, always willing to help others and compassionate. While considering Gardner’s theory, it can assume that Anitha has high :


14. The third stage of creative thinking is :


15. Imagine you are bicycling in a race.Which of the following is the BEST example of an extrinsic motivation for this activity ?


16. The organisation NCSE, set up to improve the delivery of education services through inclusive education, stands for :


17. What is most important for a teacher ?


18. Which of the following is not a defence mechanism?


19. Select the correct one. According to Skinner: