The growth is sheer increase in size, height, weight, power etc which are observable and can be measurable. The development refers to change in structure, form or shape and improvement in functioning. Development cannot be measured.

According to Hurlock development is a progressive series of change that occur in an orderly predictable pattern as a result of maturation and experience.

Main Characteristic of Growth:

  1. It is quantitative
  2. It does not continue throughout the life
  3. It refers to change in a particular aspects of the body
  4. It is gradual and continuous but stops at maturity
  5. The rate of growth is not uniform
  6. It is cumulative in nature
  7. The tempo of growth is not even
  8. Growth changes are observable
  9. It is physical and external in nature
  10. Growth follows definite sequence and predictable patterns.

Main characteristic of development:

  1. It refers to overall changes of the person.
  2. It brings improvement in the functioning of individual.
  3. It refers to qualitative changes
  4. It is a continuous lifelong process.
  5. It is predicable
  6. Development is wider and comprehensive
  7. Changes of development are not observable or quantifiable
  8. Development brings physical, social, emotional and intellectual changes.
  9. It brings functional changes
  10. Development is spiral, continuous and gradual.